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Health and Safety Tips For the Office

Accidents in the office are serious business. Whilst it’s fair to say that accidents do and will always happen, it is in the interest on an employer to ensure that their office is as safe as possible. 오피

We all know that fires can be extremely destructive. Therefore there are many things to consider when addressing fire safety. With so many different fire prevention and fire stopping aids it’s hard to know exactly what you need. Fire blankets, powders and extinguishers are all necessary in an office. Working fire alarms are another necessity that must not be overlooked. Your local fire brigade can provide information on what kind of equipment you need, how much you need and where are the best places to put them. You’ll be able to order an abundance of firs safety equipment from your office supplies operator.

Being aware of how to detect and act upon a fire is very important. However, just as important is knowing who is in your office at all times. The easiest way to do this is with a sign in book placed at the front desk. In the event of a fire it is imperative that you know of any visitors that may be in your office and unaware of your fire safety protocol. Providing visitors with temporary ID badges is also a great way of letting employers know that there are people who may need assistance in the event of an emergency. It is common for any visitor list to be handled by a designated fire marshal. Therefore it is important for the fire marshal to be clearly visible with the use of high visibility wear.

Along with your designated fire marshal, you need to have a designated first aid administrator. This person will need to be certified as a first aid administrator through one of various means. A qualified first aid administrator must also have a fully stocked first aid box to enable them to do there job effectively.

Signs are an important safety staple in any office. The correct signage can go a long way in preventing accidents and providing assistance in emergencies. Emergency exits need to be clearly sign posted at all times.

Along with the personal safety of employers, the safety of the company should not be overlooked. Appropriate lockable security devices for things like petty cash and confidential files are an easy way to heighten levels of security.



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