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New Year’s Accessory Hats

It feels like it was only yesterday when the fireworks announcing 2015’s arrival were bursting in the inky midnight sky. And yet, here we are already on the cusp Once the quiet reflection is over, it is time to party like ! Pop new year status 2022 the bubbly, find that special person for your New Year’s kiss, and grab a couple special New Year’s accessories.

Customized New Year’s Hats

Let the celebrations begin with a customized hat or beanie. Whether it is a “peace on earth” baseball hat or a beanie emblazoned with the words “kiss me” (it may work better than mistletoe), it will get the message out you wish to spread at this New Year’s party.

A beanie with two clinking glasses of champagne embroidered on the front is particularly popular this month. There are even special costume hats should you have plans to go to Times Square with that classic Statue of Liberty costume.

Party Hats

The time for resolution and sobriety has not yet come to pass! That can only mean one thing: it is time to have a massive party and ring in the New Year with a bang. These are great for adding a bit of flair to your end of the year shindig. Check out the  clown hat, or even try on Uncle Sam’s famous headpiece for size.

Kids Party Hats

Don’t forget that the kiddies will be wanting to celebrate as well (minus the champagne). Check out all the warm, fluffy and adorable hats there are just in time for the tots to join in any festive New Year’s get together. Cat in the hat, Green Beret, and even the crown jewels – Halloween is not the only time of year when a bit of dress up is fun for the kids.

Winter Wear

Don’t forget that when the empty bottles and confetti have been swept away, there are still months of winter left to come. The party may have been hot, but what comes after is more wind and snow before the onset of spring. Why not treat yourself with a New Year’s gift on top of all those Spartan and austere resolutions?

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